Refill Requests

To request a prescription refill please call one of our pharmacies:

  • Key Drugs 573-785-8218
  • Key Drugs Northwest 573-727-9444
  • Key Drugs Dexter 573-614-5900
We have an answering machine available when we are closed or you can click the appropriate button below to submit an online request for location of your choice.

Consider the following when you call or submit a refill request:

Do you have any refills left? Please look at the lower left hand side of your most recent bottle for the refills listed. If you are out of refills, we will fax your doctor to request additional fills for your medication. This can take time, as most doctors are unable to respond to these requests the same day. In order to make sure that you do not run out of your medication while we are obtaining your refill request, it is helpful to contact us a few days earlier than normal to ensure your doctor has time to get back to us.

We offer free delivery within the city limits of Poplar Bluff. For same day delivery please call or submit your order before 2 PM. We will mail out your medication for the cost of the stamps that go on your mail out package. Please call or submit your order before 2 PM for same day mailing.

Would you like to be placed on auto-fill? We offer an auto-fill service, which is free of charge, were we will automatically prepare your prescription at the same time each month without you needing to remember to call in a refill. This is helpful for patients who are not anticipating a change in the dose of their prescriptions, and consistently get the same prescription every month.