Durable Medical Equipment

Home Health Care Products

We offer many home health care products such as:

  • canes
  • crutches (for rent or purchase)
  • walkers
  • wheelchair,
  • lift chairs
  • hospital gowns
  • bedside commodes
  • bedside tables
  • blood pressure monitors by LifeSource which carry a lifetime warranty
  • nebulizers
  • biliblankets for newborns
  • grab bars for bathroom
  • elevated toilet seats
  • toilet safety frames
  • bath benches
  • transfer tub benches
  • oxygen concentrators
  • CPAP machines.

We offer a large variety to best fit your medical needs.


Our ostomy department offers the brands Hollister and Convatec. We can bill most Medicare plans, as well as Medicaid.  We also carry many miscellaneous items in this department such as stomahesive paste, tape, glue, powder, and leg bags.

Diabetic Supplies

Our diabetic supplies include a variety of monitors such as One Touch, Free Style, Contour, and Advantage. We offer a wide range of test strips and lancets to go along with the monitors. Our home health department can also bill most Medicare and Medicaid plans for this equipment. We provide diabetic education.

Diabetic Shoes

Our diabetic shoe department includes the brands OrthoFeet and AETREX. We have a great selection of shoes and diabetic socks to choose from and with the help of our certified diabetic shoe fitters, we can provide you with the most comfortable shoes that meets your needs, as well as your wants.

Orthopedic Braces & Stockings

We carry the well known brand, Bell-Horn, in our braces and stockings. Our compression stockings vary in strengths, lengths, and colors. We also offer a full line of orthopedic braces which include wrist braces, knee braces, ankle braces, neck braces, and wraps. We have bed wedges and donut cushions in many sizes and colors.

Nursing Supplies

We carry nursing supplies including stethoscopes, penlights, surgical scissors, badges, and otolites, and have a variety of colors and sizes from which to choose. We also carry disposable gloves; latex & latex free, powdered and powder free.

Medela Breast pump

We offer Medela breast pumps for rent or purchase through our home health department.  We also carry many supplies and accessories for the Medela pumps.


Our urological department includes items such as catheters, urine hats, and specimen containers.  We provide an assortment of catheters to fit your medical necessities.